Ploroma is a kinetic sculpture based on newton's laws of physics. when one gives the fly wheel a spin, the copper rings which are free to turn independently of each other and independently of the fly wheel have to flip over to keep from spinning ("an object at rest, wants to stay at rest"). though this "flipping over" is really them spinning in the opposite direction as the fly wheel.
none of the pivot points to any ring will ever line up with another ring because each pivot is off by a function of phi (1.618) and the circumference of the ring. this makes sure that as each ring flips over it forces all the concentric rings to also flip over.
as all the rings flip over they begin to gain momentum. by now the fly wheel is slowing down but the rings continue to do their thing because "an object in motion, want to stay in motion"
these photos are of the rings "flipping over" and the shapes they produce

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