Poetry Ceramic Pottery Bird Sculpture - Peace To All Who Enter

HandMade Rustic Welcome Words Peace Dove Eco Wall Hanging - Inspirational Fine Art Plaque

To All Who Enter
{yes, sometimes it's just that simple....}

A unique and wondrous clay Poetry Bird carries the Gift of Words, the Mystery of flight and quiet Inspiration for a Peaceful place in your Home or the Perfect gift for someone Special, a beautiful Poetry Bird to remind us all to take Flight with our Words!

~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~POETRY INFORMATION~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
This beautiful Bird wall hanging is made from rolled out stoneware clay that has been completely hand cut, (body, wings, tail pieces) and I do not use forms or patterns, so every one is totally unique and different. While the clay is still "wet" I have impressed the wings and tails with a variety of stamps including vintage textile blocks from India that are about 100 years old,(and carved out of pear wood!), clay stamps I have made myself and even pieces of shells and pods I have collected on my journeys. I use Vintage Letterpress Wooden stamps for the words on my Poetry Birds.

After the Poetry Bird been fired the first time I applied stains and then rubbed them off here and there to give the piece a rustic look, then I added a few colored glazes to accentuate the stamped designs on the wings and tails. Each Bird has been fired a second time for durability and strength to create an inspiring piece that can be hung indoors or outside in a protected area. On the back of each Bird I have created a clay loop and then attached a hanger made from recycled copper wire.

The Poetry Bird is about 13 1/2" wide and 7 1/4" tall and is signed and dated on the back by yours truly.

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