Portraits...for any occasion, any size, from 5x8 inches to 36x48. Can be created from photographs taken by the artist, or from life. In either case, travel expenses need to be paid by customer. If any of these compositions are of interest to you, and you would love this created, using your family members, this can be worked out if you contact the artist.

MOST of the images/paintings shown here, are still available, should you not be interested in a "personal portrait"...but you need to contact the artist, for the price and size.

Most are larger than 24x18, and prices range between $3000 and $15,000. The small piece with the woman with her hand to her chest is only 7x5 inches (framed, cost is $525), and created oil on porcelain...the rest are on canvas, some are in private collections, but if you like any, an original can be created using any of these as reference, but to the size and color requirements that you may have.

The largest is of the two women and baby and the geese, which is 36x48, and framed is $8000.

Dimensions: 4x5 inches to 4x5 feet

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