Princess Of The Wood

There is no place on earth more magical and mysterious than the redwood forests of Oregon and Northern California. Walking among these ancient giants, it is easy to imagine a time before man, when no roads cut through the forest and no saws cut through the trees. A time when magic was not mysterious but a way of life. Native Americans of the area told of a supernatural race of beings inhabiting the forests long before the arrival of man and from whom man learned how to live upon the earth. The story of these magical beings has long been lost to history—a vague footnote in the mythology of a subjugated people.
It might have remained lost had it not been for a half-forgotten story from the childhood of Bruce Petros, a story his grandmother had often told him as he drifted off to sleep. Like many of his grandmother's tales, it had seemed too fantastic for him to wholly believe, but he could never quite dismiss this particular story as pure fantasy. For decades it had been buried in the dark corners of his memory, but when it finally emerged back into his consciousness like a lost relative at the doorstep, he felt compelled to let it in. And once he had, he soon found himself on a journey in search of the past—both his own and that of the redwoods. He soon found himself in search of the Last Dwende Tree.

Dimensions: 15.5 by 42 by 4.5

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