Pro Deus

This is Pro Deus, which is Latin meaning "For God". It was originally done for a charity auction in Goshen, Indiana. The wood part is an antique door from down town Goshen renovations that I added my metal work too. It was then auctioned to benefit children from abused homes. I bought it back at the auction and then sold it a few years later to a client down in Memphis, TN. It's one of my favorite pieces, I was kinda sad to see it go. All the metalwork is hand forged and fabricated. The four subset doors all open and the whole thing sits on a stand so that it can be displayed in your home. The pictures below show both the front and back of the door.
The cross is three sided to represent the Holy Trinity and through the center is a porthole and also a portal through which you can cross but only after acknowledging Jesus' suffering on the cross with the crown of thorns. The longer sub-set doors below the cross represent the chaos of hell and how Jesus has risen above that and how the way to Heaven is through the narrow or small door, not the wide well traveled path that the world takes. The sub-set doors above the cross are those small doors to Heaven but to open them you have to grasp the cross handles on them and come to a realization of your salvation through Christ to actually open them. The back side of the door has a compass rose shape to it to give you direction in life as you follow the way of our Lord.

Dimensions: About 7' tall by 3' wide by 8" thick. It's a real door size.

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