Promontory Style Bunkbed For Vacation Homes

Are bunkbeds are made from high-quality kiln, dried Douglasfir in dimensional lumber cuts. This means they are far more sturdier and stronger than the commercial bunkbeds that are available and can last a very long time. How are bunkbeds support over 800 pounds and can be used in vacation homes, guest rooms, or kids rooms, we can make this bed in any size you'd like in some of these pictures you'll see two bunkbeds, but for the price this only includes one set of bunkbeds. If you would like a quad set up, that would require two bunkbeds.

Typical dimensions for this bunkbed are 87" x 87". The height of this bunkbed is typically 84 inches which puts the upper bed beginning at about 60 inches from the floor.

As a reminder, we deliver and set up for you at no additional fee. This usually happens at about 6 to 8 weeks.

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