Radical Crimson Fiber For Amg Mercedes

After 17 years, much of our clientele has worked with us on previous projects and most of our work is for customers outside the Los Angeles area; whether they are dealers, automotive specialists or private enthusiasts. Once in a while, a "local" engages us in a new challenge.

A Mercedes ML 63 AMG owner got in touch with us one day. Actually, it was his young assistant who was car savvy that found us on Google. Only a few miles away, they came in after finding us on the net to discuss some wood options.

Paul had some vague idea that he wanted to add more walnut burl to the interior; there were already 13 pieces of factory trim and he wanted to know what we could offer. After some discussion it became clear that they weren't exactly sold on the look of walnut burl in an all black interior. But like many other owners didn't realize that a full change was possible.
As interest in the burl approach was waning, I suggested that a fiber alternative would offer not only a more harmonious blend with the black leather, but also more contemporary styling with a dramatic look. While many people think fiber is fiber, there are many variables that can be exploited to personalize a fiber interior for a specific automobile and its owner.

This was a black on black Mercedes and red Brembo brake calipers offered the only relief from black inside and out, save fro the metal trim. That led us to the red fiber motif. It's a vast departure from walnut burl but the owner not only gave us the green light, he jumped fully into the red fiber aesthetic; purchasing replacement parts for all of the wood trim, and 20 additional pieces including a steering wheel that he wanted in crimson fiber. This allowed him the use of the car until our work was completed and installed.
When the crimson fiber motif took hold; we decided to incorporate red leather seat accents to match the fiber. Once the exact leather was located (UK), we prepared sample colors of fiber, tweaked to the color of the leather in both gloss and satin.

After living with the samples for the weekend, and viewing them in various light conditions, Paul went with the gloss. It always works beautifully.
From factory walnut burl to a custom red fiber, from 13 pieces of trim to 33, this transformation was not for the tradition-bound or the faint of heart.

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