Rainbow Trout Sculpture

#1. Photo: The top photo is indistinguishable from a real, live rainbow trout. It is one of Powell Swanser's Incredible Sculptures...submerged in a side channel of western Montana's "Blue Ribbon" trout stream, Rock Creek. The stone, to create the splash, was thrown by the artist. The photography was by world renowned author/fly fisherman and friend, Gary LaFontaine. #2. Photo: Artist's wife, Tazun, with rainbow trout sculpture, "Sometimes God Paints the Sky With Rainbows". #3. Photo: The poem, "Show of Shows" by Powell Swanser .... " Other kids are racing cars and raising hell, His resentment for that stuff grows... So he slips from his home at dawn, In his favorite fishing clothes... Down the trail and around the bend, To where the green river flows... Waste deep in the water, Cold down to his toes... But it's worth it when the fly disappears, To see the Show of Shows... Cause when the rod snaps back sometimes, God paints the sky with rainbows. " #4. Photo: Detail of "Sometimes God Paints the Sky With Rainbows"

Dimensions: Approx. 26" high X 19" wide and 30 lbs.

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