Recessed Built-In Entertainment Center

This customer had a recessed area in their wall next to a window seat. The goal was to build a beautiful entertainment center but do it in such a way to make it accessible and easy to install. The solution was building a custom wall unit that was completely mobile! As seen, the entire entertainment center is built on a hidden wheel system concealed behind the base molding of the furniture. These heavy duty wheels allow the entire custom furniture system to be rolled into or out of the alcove.

The major advantage of creating a mobile custom entertainment center is installation. When the furniture system is outside of the alcove the back panels are screwed on for easy removal. This allows the customer to put the components in from the back side where he/she can clearly see all of the connections to quickly and accurately wire the system. The furniture is also outfitted with proper wire management channels so the cables can be routed from section to section with ease.

The television shown is a 60" plasma TV. To achieve such a clean and built-in look we physically "floated" the TV inside the furniture. Floating the TV involves building a false back wall inside the custom entertainment center and mounting a wall bracket to that back wall. When the TV is lifted into place on the wall bracket the front edge of the TV is about flush with the front edge of the furniture for a completely clean and built-in look (see close up photograph).

When building a custom wall unit the style is just as important as the function. In this example we has a detailed yet straight forward crown molding, beautiful fluted columns topped with corner blocks, raised panel doors, and complimentary door frames. The overall look of the furniture was elegant and sophisticated.
Similarly sized systems to this would normally start at about $4999, however pricing for mobile custom built-ins such as this will vary based on the size of your alcove, size of your television, and the feature content you would like to build in. The price for your solution could be less or more.

Dimensions: The overall dimensions of this system were approximately 70" wide x 96" high x 24" deep.

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