Reclaimed Redwood And Black Pipe End Table

his piece started its life as something VERY different. I located the piece of redwood and some of the accompanying gas pipe from an older gentlemen who had an eclectic pile of items on the side of his house. After much deliberation he allowed me to rummage through it and make him an offer.
This piece is a tribute to him.

The 2x6 top is not stained or glued, I welded up a metal frame to affix the boards to. I really did not want to disturb the look of this wood so I just added polyurethane to the top after De-nailing it and sanding down any sharp edges. There is no mistaking this piece is reclaimed, it retains all of its character and beauty.

The stand of black pipe was cleaned but left to show its previous life as well. A few coats of poly has been added to seal the pipe and prevent rust.

This piece measures 13x16in on top and stands 38in tall.

As always custom orders are welcome, I will not be able to recreate this piece exactly
due to the nature of the material, but I am sure I can locate some elements that will work!

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