Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables. Made In La. Made To Order.


60" long x 38" wide x 30" tall $850

72" x 38" x 30" $900

84" x 38" x 30" $1050

96" x 38" x 30" $1250

Coltrane Bench $450-$550

*sales tax is included in price

t a b l e s

We usually have around six available for immediate purchase at the store. There are pics of what's available on our "current collection" page. They say "available". If you do not see a size that works for you, please read below on how they are made to order.

w o o d

Cloud Noir tables are all solid wood.

We like the contrast of blending new and old wood together.

We use new dried douglas fir.

Reclaimed/old wood can vary but most likely it's doug fir and sugar pine.

Our studio/warehouse is east of downtown Los Angeles. This is where we select, buy and store our wood.

Each new and reclaimed plank is hand-selected by us and sanded to a smooth and earthy finish.

Our tables are made in Los Angeles by experienced woodworkers and finished by professional artists.

s h a p e

Paradiso. Thundercloud. Coltrane.

Paradiso has a small lip extending over the skirt and legs.

Thundercloud has no lip. Top and skirt are flush.

Coltrane has no lip. The legs are flush with the top. The skirt is set behind the legs and top.

c o l o r

We create and blend all of our own wood stains. We do not ever use store bought/pre-mixed stains colors. Our stains are all hand-rubbed and finished with clear coats of protection.

The colors and wood will vary slightly from table to table making each one unique.

Clients like our style. They come to us looking for a beautifully made, rock solid table with character.

m a d e.

Email Dante a pic of the table you like from our "table collection" page and the size you need. She will then go over all of the details with you about the table. This can be done in person at the store,through email or over the phone.

The finish time will vary. We like to take our time building each table. An estimate is between two-four weeks. Two weeks is standard. Please let Dante know if you are in desperate need of a dining table and we will do our best to accomodate you.

You will not have to baby our tables or worry about stains and spills. Our tables are rugged, heavy and durable. They should be enjoyed for many years. Any aquired imperfections will only add to their charm and tell the story of your life (using them as a cutting board/children). We recommend natural cleaning products but Murphey's and Pledge are fine too. Lemon and orange oil smell great and work beautifully for added shine.

Our tables are perfect for outdoor use. Please let us know if that's what you need and we will apply some extra coats of UV/outdoor protection.

We accept all major credit cards. LA/Valley Delivery with two men $65-$95

***National shipping is available. Tables are blanket wrapped and delivered to your home (not disassembled). Rates are beween $250-$350 and take approximately three weeks.

Dimensions: 60" - 108" made to order dining tables

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