Reclaimed Wood Ipad Stand – Rodeo

This walnut iPad stand Rodeo will ride thru any adventure with you. Mount your iPad in its slot surrounded by all the color, grit and glory of the arena. The cut for iPad is made at a 20 degree angle, perfect for most mobile devices and designed for optimal visibility of the screen on any flat surface or desk. The bottom of this Grant Stand called Rodeo features rubber feet which are screwed in place with solid brass screws to provide secure cushioning and scuff resistance. This Hand-finished wooden iPad stand is finished with several coats of tung oil wood-finish and a final coat of beeswax to bring out the wood's rich grain and shine. Great for the home, office, or kitchen counter. You will enjoy this hand crafted wood iPad Grant Stand!

Rodeo Wood iPad Stand – Features:
• Wood Type: Black Walnut
• Dimensions: 8 1/2"x 5"x 2" (approx.)
• iPad Cut: 20 degree, 3/8" opening
• Finish: Tung Oil Finish & Beeswax Coating

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