Recurve Bow

this project is a recurve that was made in response to a need for a short, fast, effective weapon for hunting in thick brush. the response was this: a very short, very light and fast recurve made of osage orange. it is quiet, effective, and handles very very well. the draw weight is about 57 pounds at 29 inches, which is also an extraordinarily long draw length for a bow of this length. it is comfortable and accurate on every shot. this bow is specifically designed for hunting, but is a joy to shoot for target practice too.
A bit of background on the weapon itself:
The need for a shorter bow was brought to my attention when I was out small game hunting this past fall. the area I hunt in is a thick forest densely filled with even thicker underbrush. thus, it is very hard to use a 68 inch longbow for rabbit in cover where i can barely manouvermy own body, much less effectively use a longbow. So, after a lot of debating with myself, I finally decided that i needed to make myself a short bow that i could carry through the brush, but still get a full draw out of. So I designed this: This bow is a fully static recurve with a 4 inch static handle, and 4 inch static tips with pin nocks. i knew osage could take some demanding profiles, so i determined this would be the wood i use. It seems incredibly quick shooting for its draw weight, and the draw is sweet and non-stacking.

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