Red Poppy Sequin Beaded Fascinator Gram Parson's Grievous Angel

This hat's design comes from the Gram Parson's Grievous Angel jacket. I pulled the poppies off of the jacket and put them on this hat.

It's a fascinator or cocktail hat. It can sit in a variety of positions on your head. The wire in the edges makes sure that it holds its shape. The hat is made from Thai silk, glass seed beads and a few sequins for good measure. I did the beadwork entirely by hand. Though it's called a cocktail hat, I think this hat could easily make it through the day as well.

Nudie Cohn made ridiculous suits. They were covered entirely with embroidery and rhinestones. Nudie, as he was known, made these suits from the 40s right into the 80s, and he made them for some of the most famous musicians of the day, from Roy Rogers to the Rolling Stones. Unfortunately, almost all of Nudie's suits were made for men.

Nudie did not just make these ridiculous suits for country stars. Gram Parson's most famous suit was made by Nudie. You'll know it when you see it. It's covered in drugs (weed, poppies, pills...), and a great big cross on the back. It's been called the Grievous Angel suit, and it defined the musician.

Well I think it's entirely unfair that these amazing suits were made mostly for men. Women like sparkly things too. In fact, they like them even more, which is why when I reclaimed Nudie's designs, I gave them even more BLING, and embroidered them in luminous beads.

Depending on your choice, it can be fitted with clips or elastic. Everyone's hair is different, and we don't want this sliding off your head! Let me know your preferences by convo, and I'll get it all fixed up for you.

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