Renaissance Damascene Pen Knife Necklace

Damascene is the art of interlacing gold on iron or steel to produce beautiful decorative designs that has become the trademark of Toledo, Spain. It has roots in the Middle Ages and originates from the oriental-style artisan work done in Damascus, Syria. The craft, perfected by the Arabs and brought with them to Spain, has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries, and practiced also by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Around the XV century damascene became popular in Europe, and Toledo, Spain became famous worldwide for producing such works of art. This necklace features a damascene knife from 1972, oxidized steel with a beautiful gold Renaissance floral motif inlay. TOLEDO is engraved on the knife blade - meaning this was authentically crafted in Toledo, Spain. Rostfrei is also engraved in the blade - this is German for "rust free" which means the blades are stainless steel.
Please be advised that this IS a knife. Do NOT take it on a plane, or into places where such things are restricted. Do not use it for negative purposes.

18-24 K gold inlay on oxidized steel

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