Restoration Example Refectory / Dining Table (Available As A Reproduction!)

The project as shown is a restoration - four tables all "similar" as a set used in a university for the last 100 years. When we picked them up they were completely falling apart.

The legs were all split on almost every glue joint. All the main structure joints were separated, many were broken. Apron and stretchers were in many cases cracked and dry. The tabletops were warped and separated.

Our restoration is in full - we split EVERY joint we could manage to get apart. We reassembled the legs and returned them to clean them up. This took perhaps 1/8" in diameter off, but this was necessary to restore the pieces. We also filled in the original hollow core legs to now be fully solid.

Every dowel was drilled and replaced, The tops were broken apart fully, planed down, reglued, and laminated to 3/4 plywood for structure and stability.

We added the center truss beams, corner braces, and brackets as required. The tables were refinished using Waterlox marine grade finishes, as they were returning to their full use and abuse in college life we figured this was necessary!

So - here's a project this is an example of a full breakdown and complete restoration / refinish. Restoration quotes are given upon inspection of the piece.

Second - we took the templates from the legs and we can obviously then reproduce these tables. Reproductions can range depending on size and number of legs from $8,500 to $25,000+

Dimensions: Custom Per Commission

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