Riveli Shelving System

RIVELI refines the classic utility of shelving in its traditional role as a platform for the display of objects and art, transforming the shelving, itself, into an object of art. The modular, interactive design of RIVELI allows the simultaneous exhibition of two-dimensional art and three-dimensional objects on any wall space in any configuration. Each sleek recycle-able aluminum shelf pivots with a smooth drop-resisted movement to reveal its underside, featuring interchangeable, customizable artwork.

The RIVELI Shelving System offers a two kinds of shelves: the Art Shelf, for artwork with a magnetic backing, and the Design Shelf, for a wide selection of slide-in fabric, veneer, mirror, bio-resin, whiteboard and more. Whether choosing from our library of artwork and materials from talented local artisans, or using your own graphics, RIVELI easily transforms and can be reinvented over and over again.

Dimensions: Custom Sizes - Modular System

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