Roman Plunge Bollards For U.S. Naval Academy, Monterey Ca.

Technically these are called bollards, they were installed at the U.S. Naval Academy in Monterey Ca. for the Roman PLunge Pool, big restoration project, great architecture, it was an old resort, Tarzan used to swim there.
These were made from 8 x 8 & 10 x 10 timbers, spun on my lathe which blew apart almost immediately, I had to make a new headstock & had to weigh it down with my swage block & anvil, over 300 lbs., it just wanted to shake.
These are made in 2 parts, the top which is 18" in length & actually larger than the bottom, which is 3' in length, a 2 1/4" pipe connects the 2 together, the bottom section is drilled completely through to slip over metal posts at the site, I also drilled for the eye bolts that would receive the rope.
My job was to spin, sand, & fill, the painting was done by another source as was the setting of the posts. Lots of saw dust on this one.
There are some great photos of this on flickr as well as some older photos, Roman Plunge/Monterey Ca.

Dimensions: The posts are 4' 6" tall, there are 54 of them

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