Roots Of My Fire

Although most historians, and anthropologists don't/ wont acknowledge to the existence of my people the Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation, our traditional ways were still kept alive mostly through the Native American Church. Our language is mostly considered "vocables", the honor and respect of keeping the Fire and Earth alter come directly from my people, the Carrizo Indians. The Medicine grows only in one location and that is in south Texas, geographically called the Rio Grand Valley. Completed Feb 28, 2013 but is a depiction of the rising sun of March 1st, 2013. In the lower right corner (2nd picture) is the rising sun with Mercury to its right and Venus to its left. In the day breaking sky (3 rd picture) is the Moon just beneath Saturn and slightly over to the west is Spica, the alpha star of the constellation Virgo.
As with all of my other paintings a portion of sales will go back to my tribal people the Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation, to help maintain our cultural identity and ways of Life.

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