Roscoe Record Shelf // Record Player Table // Vinyl Storage Shelf

This sturdy industrial record player table makes the perfect addition to your living room, den, or home entertainment area. As vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles ourselves, we have carefully designed this shelving unit so that you have plenty of space for the ultimate listening experience. We allowed plenty of room for your amp, preamp, crossover, headphones, and other vinyl listening accessories. ;)

At 16" wide, this table is wider than standard bookshelves, creating the perfect console for your record player & vinyl LPs. We use distinctive 2" thick wood from a local Chicagoland supplier to create the shelving, and we only use locally sourced American made steel to create our furniture. The frame features 1.5" welded angle bar so you can flip through your collection without worrying about upsetting the platter. Sturdy crossbeams ensure that your records won't go flying out the back or sides.

43" l x 16" d x 36" h

We only sand and stain our wood. No waxy or shiny finishes. Send us a note if you would like this piece stained to match a specific color of wood, otherwise you will receive the mahogany color shown in the photos.

We will alter the length/width or the height of this piece up to four inches without an increase in price. A table deeper than 16" is more costly. Contact us with your custom measurements for a quote.

Contact us for $50 flat rate local delivery within 30 miles of Chicago!

If you choose shipping rather than local delivery, then you will need to attach 12 screws (provided) to secure the bottom of the shelves to the frame. There are already holes in the steel and wood. Any regular sized Phillips head screwdriver should do the trick.

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