Rose Garden/Patio Screened-In Enclosure

Artisan Woodworking is showcasing our ability to identify problems, evaluate situations and combine several solutions into one unique design.
Problem: to reduce intensity of sun rays on roses
Solution: select special screening suitable for this purpose and screen in total rose growing area.

Problem: minimize Japanese beetle invasion on roses
Solution: find proper screening material to solve problems 1. and 2.

Problem: develop a cost effective screen system for its large size that is essentially pleasing to its surroundings, relatively strong, yet light and comparatively easy to assemble and disassemble.
Solution: see attached three photos.

Problem: what to do with the space between rose garden and home? Is this structure viable for this location?
Solution: research last 50 years of weather of this area; create an indoor/outdoor room for patio living while simultaneously enjoying the rose garden.

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