Roubo Workbench With Benchcrafted Hardware

French split-top Roubo workbench with Benchcrafted tail-vise (wagon vise) and face-vise.

This is by far the best workbench for woodworkers I have every experienced. It is sturdy, very heavy, zero flex and will nearly any project you throw it it with it's long length. The top is 4" thick and over 200-lbs by itself.

Made to order; 100% built from scratch in my workshop here in Bellevue, WA. Approximately 24" wide, ~35" tall, and 87" long... and over 450-lbs!

Wood choices:
- Western maple hardwood -- as seen in photos (kiln dried; grown on the Olympic peninsula),
- Western elm hardwood (air dried; planted on Orcas island on a homestead in the late-1800's),
- Old-growth douglas fir (air dried; sprouted on Orcas island in the late 1800's. Fell down 2 years ago over 100' tall!)

Vise hardware:
- Benchcrafted vise hardware is the finest on the market. Come see my bench to appreciate it.

Customer may specify the height of bench and finish (I typically use an oil/varnish blend diluted with boiled linseed oil to ensure a stable but not slick surface).

Includes 8 square 'dog holes' and 2 custom maple dogs with wood springs, and a few 3/4" holes on the bench top used for steel 'holddowns' (not included). Also, I can build a dog to keep in each dog-hole for an extra fee. Top will be planed perfectly flat at the end of the project.

Option A: $5,275
- Mortise and tenon joinery, secured via draw-bore pegs, and dove-tail front piece connecting tail block.
- Benchcrafted criss-cross leg vise and tail vise, *machined* (very smooth and polished cast iron).
- 8 square dogs for each of the included square dog holes
- Western Maple or Elm wood (other species will increase the price)

Option B: $4,375
- Loose-tenon joinery (using large Festool Domino to create incredibly strong tenon's)
- Benchcrafted criss-cross leg vise and tail vise, *standard cast iron* (not machine-polished).
- 2 square dogs with a sturdy leather face (to use with the included 8-square dog holes)
- Old-growth Douglas fir (excellent bench material - heavy, dense soft wood, forgiving on your woodworking projects)

Time to complete: approximately 5-7 weeks (approximately 90-100 man-hours of work)
50% deposit required up-front to buy material.
Pick-up only from my shop (if you need delivery help, let's discuss).

Come over to my shop in Bellevue and see my Roubo workbench in person and decide what dimensions are best for you.

**Note: The Moxon and Hi-vise seen in the photos are NOT included in this price. Can be added for extra fee.

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