Round Maple Shotgun Shell Taxidermy Pedestal

This is a completely round maple taxidermy pedestal that 3/4" was custom finished to look like a shotgun shell. This is a perfect pedestal for the demanding hunter. It doesn't matter how big your trophy room is, this pedestal will be the center of attention.

Custom taxidermy pedestals are our primary business; we have more experience building pedestals than anyone on the market today. Trusting us is trusting the professionals.

We can custom make this shotgun pedestal to almost any specifications. However we will not go smaller than 10" in diameter.

Measurements of this pedestal: (as shown here)
Height - 30"
Mounting Surface - 11.5" (round)
Mounting Recess - 3/4" standard (we can make is any depth)

Don't let the looks fool you; this is a heavy duty pedestal that has the weight to support large mounts. We can even make it heavier if you need the weight for a large gamehead mount.

In the close up picture shown here, the pedestal almost looks pink; this is just the result of the high gloss finish and lights that are really close. I did this to show how you can see the grain through the red, and that this is not just a red painted cylinder.

Want a green, yellow or blue shotgun shell? Don't worry we have you covered.

As shown this pedestal costs $625 pedestal price depends on the size shotgun shell you require. You will find that the 11 1/2" mounting surface of this pedestal is more than enough to accommodate most mounts.

We look forward to building a relationship with you.

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