Rusted Vessel

"Just know you're already dead. That way you won't hesitate." That was the advice I was given by my platoon sergeant prior to deploying. It did keep me safe while I was there, but I came back empty, hollow spiritually and physically. My bones grind against each other in this rusted vessel that I inhabit from carrying around 100lbs of gear every day on my deployment. I cracked many times after coming home. I will never be the same, but I can find peace and beauty in who I have grown to become. Just like me, this tree was cut down in its prime. Just like me, it was made hollow and the husk cracked. And just like me, it filled those voids to become something
different, but just as good. We may be rusty and weathered from our past, but our patina sure is beautiful.

Materials: poplar, mahogany, crushed turquoise, metal reactive paint.

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