Rustic Quarter Sawn Oak Harvest Table

This wonderful custom rustic harvest table or desk was made from local quartersawn Oak, cut and milled for Richard. It was air dried to provide better color. Quartersawn Oak is the best way to cut Oak for furniture. It is the most stable as well as the most beautiful. Fewer boards are gotten out of a tree so it is an expensive cut which has fallen into disuse in most furniture making today. Cutting it in this way shows up the rays and flakes in the wood. It is how furniture was made 100 years ago. The furniture that survives to this day. The table also has mortise and tenon joinery the strongest of joints which was, again, the joint of choice by the old time craftsmen and by custom furniture makers of today.

Each piece of wood in this table/desk was individually chosen. The bark was left on where possible, a step which unusually complicates the making of furniture, but which gives one the sense that the furniture came from a tree and was not mass produced.

Waterlox was used for the finish to bring out the figure of the wood. It is a mixture of Linseed and Tung oil. It is water resistant but not water proof. You don't need to panic if water gets on it, but don't let it set. If the finish wears, put some Waterlox on a rag and touch it up. Very easy.

Dimensions: Varies

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