Santas And Figures - Small Scale Carvings

In addition to furniture carving and walking sticks, Stanley Saperstein has taken up the hobby of carving figures of various sorts to keep him entertained during his retirement.

Years of whittling have produced an army of Gnomes, Santa's and other characters. Figures and faces range in price from as low as $75 to upwards of several thousand, depending on the size, material, and detail.

Most figures and faces are carved in poplar or basswood, both accepting to detail and easy to work.

Wood Gnomes are not Stanley's invention; wood spirits and druid-like carvings have been made since the invention of the first blade. In character, Stanley creates his own style; most

Gnomes are long slender figures, with distinctive beards and folded hands. Long flowing robes clothes the Gnomes who often wear long pointy hats.

Each gnome is hand painted and signed. If you have a Santa collector in the family, make sure you get your order in early! Building an army of gnomes requires personal training and each one takes time to evolve his personality. The formation of a gnome army begins with a single purchase, the addiction takes on a life of its own from there!

In addition to full figures, facials are popular for Christmas tree ornaments and to adorn toy chests, doors, or other objects.

Limited only by your imagination, the variety of faces is endless.

Dimensions: Per Commission - Small scale carvings generally range 3" - 24" ... beyond that they become far larger scale and are often chainsaw carvings. Call for details or view our other project profiles for more infomration.

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