Cozy Scarves (Multiple Colors Available)

Using a lamb's wool-acrylic blend yarn, these scarves are bulky and warm, perfect for those cold, windy days when you just HAVE to bundle up.

I usually knit them wide (about 9 inches) and long (about 6 feet), but I do custom orders as well. I like using the same bulky yarn and just playing around with different widths and lengths. I have made scarves that are 12 feet long, and 5 inches long (better for kids, or those who prefer a narrower scarf), so please ask about what we can make together!

I've posted photos of some of the finished projects (some of which are ReadyMade), but I have made scarves in about fifteen different colors. Please ask if you are looking for a specific color--I would love to oblige.

I usually do monochromatic scarves, but can do multiple colors if that's what you want!

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