Sculpted Rocking Chair

From Richard Weigand - Furniture maker

"This was my first rocking chair to sculpt. I'd been intrigued by some sculpted rockers I'd seen back in Seattle in the early 90s and I admired the beauty of them. So, when I started this one it was intended to be a learning piece, and it was. Hours and hours of sculpting follow hours of strenuous figuring on how to get the structure right. It is a very labor intensive chair. It also required large slabs of walnut to start with, enough so that in the end I built an interesting side table to go with the chair out of the left overs. I went with walnut and cherry for the color combination I like, as well as the idea of the deepening of both colors that will occur over time. The cherry slats are cut thin to allow give to the sitter, and that adds comfort to the chair.

The Black Walnut and Cherry were from my local area here in Southwestern Virginia. The key joinery is mortise and tenon. It has a fairly short but very sweet rock. A hand rubbed natural finish gives it that soft to the touch feel. Each such chair would be quite individual and one of a kind."

Dimensions: Varies

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