Sculpture, Ceramic, Raku

This raku sculpture, Life Cycle, was intended for a friends' garden pond. Life changes. There were to be 3 pieces in the series, with the tree form in various stages of growth and demise.
Constructed of raku clay with porcelain and brownstone slips, parts were burnished to create the shine seen on many fallen trees, after the bark is gone. Initial low temperature bisque firing was followed by a raku *glaze firing* with no glaze. The finish was accomplished by placing hair on the piece when it was pulled from the kiln at 1875 degrees F. Initially grass seeds were sown in the *bark* near the base. Stored for moving, the grass died.
Life cycle can be used as a fountain, in a pond setting, or simply to grace a home. The price range reflects from one to 3 pieces.
(Note: Because it is raku, with no glaze, if it used as a fountain, eventually it will erode, in effect, continuing the cycle.)

Dimensions: Approximately:
19 inches tall
9 inches overall width
7 inches overall depth

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