Sea Chest

Our China Trade Sea Chest is fashioned from rare, 18" wide mahogany boards joined at the corners with massive hand-cut dovetails. Two nautical five-point stars of holly are smartly inlaid into the front. The finest marlinespike seamanship is evident in the hand-tied rope beckets, featuring intricate coachcomb hitching, double-wall and crown Turk's heads, and pointed leather washers. Tapered cleats with carved starwheels secure these working beckets to the tumblehome chest-ends above centerline, providing a gimbaled counterbalance when hoisted on deck. A beveled- base moulding secures a pine bottom, with genuine dragging skids of oak. The proud bullnose moulding, tenoned into the lid, prevents warpage at sea. Thanks to a neat construction trick, the brass-hinged lid stops upright at plumb plus 10 degrees.

All manner of able sailors will desire to stow gear and ditty in this sea chest "of finest Bristol kind", be they on land or on the Seven Seas.

Custom options include inlaid compass rose, initials or yacht club burgee.

Dimensions: 20" x 40" x 19"H

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