Set Of 2 Ceramic Chopstick Bowls

A happy set of 2 chopstick bowls perfect for thai soup, rice dishes, fresh ramen and more! Want additional bowls for a larger set, no problem!
No need to set your chopsticks down on the table, or try to balance them on the edge of the dish, just tuck them into your bowl!
These bowls are full of functional design with deep curves to hold plenty of noodles and two holes to hold both chopsticks. Simple, neat and easy.
These bowls are glazed with a rustic and organic charcoal gray on the outside and juicy clementine orange on the inside. functional design meets color pop!
These bowls are hand thrown in a white stoneware clay body and fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.

measure approx 6"w x 3"t

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