Set Of 4 Small Angel Sculpture

Baby Angels Marble Set of Four sculptures

This beautiful Marble Statue Set of 4 Baby Angels are hand Carved in white marble. The Angel figures are beautifully detailed sitting on a ball in 4 different fun poses. The small sculptures are a wonderful delicate classic work of art. Each sculpture standing 2 feet high.

a. Sculpture are hand carved in clay for changes & approval.
b. Once sculpture is approved we will hand carve the statue in your choice of material.
c. JPG pictures will be sent to you via email during the entire creation.

This set of charming lovable angel statues would make a wonderful GIFT, addition to your home, or for your church.

Color: White Hunan Marble
Dimensions: in inches: 23.6 High

Special Order
Buy 1 /2 or the set of 4 pieces

$2,700.00 per each sculpture

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