Settlers Of Catan Storage And Game Board

We wanted to create a board that not only solved the common problems of moving tiles and sliding borders but a board that was also a piece of art. Like a unique chess set, we wanted you to feel like you could display this board. The Board features:

- 6 Deep Removable Drawers - To store all the game play pieces from both the regular and 5-6 player expansion games

- Sliding Game Surface and Board Expansion Tiles - To allow for game play of the original and 5 to 6 player expansion. The Board Expansion Tiles are magnet-ed in places to remain sturdy during the play

- Separate Storage Box for Board Expansion Pieces - This box was designed as a companion to the game board to store the game board expansion pieces.

- Drawer Magnets - To hold drawers closed while moving

- Handcrafted - Each board is made individually in our workshop and tested before we ship it out

- Finished and Sealed - Each board is sanded, stained, glazed and coated with top of the line sealer. This board is built to be used regularly, it is built to last

- Engraved - Each board will be engraved with a border (as pictured in the images below). Each board will also get the option to have two words engraved, one above the board split line and one below. Examples would be: Wilson Family, or Catan Catan (with one Catan upside down), etc. You will get to choose the two words.

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