Shaker/Hepplewhite Side Table

Iconic Shaker side table; useful in the hall , by the sofa, by the bed. Evocative of the contemporary Hepplewhite Federal table but without the inlay and banding on the drawer front. Made with mortise and tenon construction and fully dovetailed drawers easily the most recognizable Shaker piece ever made. Named after the Alfred Shaker Community in Maine where the earliest example of it's type that I could identify was made.

Available, also, in a turned leg Enfield Style.

Tripod stands were made throughout the colonies and in Early America but the Shakers achieved a certain notoriety for theirs by producing delicate sewing tables for the sisters, most with slide through drawers so that two seamstresses could work at the same time from the same table.

Most other stands were used as candle stands in retiring rooms.

The Shakers and all other craftsmen, both country and big city, produced a wide variety of occasional tables as well as task specific tables and work counters for general and commercial use. While most tables were straightforward top with legs and drawers some were highly stylized and conspicuously upscale, such as, the Queen Anne Porringer Table and the elegant small Shaker trestle table from the Canterbury Community in New Hampshire.

Attached are sample of the variety of tables and counters available from our shop.

The low chest with all the drawers is my own concoction inspired by a large sewing chest with drawers opening in three directions. Mine is used as a coffee table, something that did not exist in ancient times. Four drawers on the long side slide through from side-to-side and one drawer on each end slides out. The balance of the fronts are fixed.

Dimensions: 18x18x27

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