"Shiloh Prarie" Hand Carved Wildlife Scene / Rifle Display

This project has been a LONG time in progress. Conception occurred in 1995 when Eric Saperstein commissioned a custom made 1874 Sharps, by Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing of Big Timber, Montana. With a wait of over four years, he almost forgot about the piece. When it finally arrived, right around the turn of the millennium, Eric decided that this work of art really should be on display, but having a home remodel in progress the rifle was stashed away in the safe.

The challenge was to design a display panel worthy of the hand crafted buffalo rifle. After quite a bit of contemplation, give or take about two years, he decided to lay out a buffalo prairie scene, insetting the rifle into the horizon. Now the decision was made, so Eric in character jumped right into the pattern development and carving somewhere around mid-2002. Just to point out the small gap in the timeline, in case you haven't noticed it's 2008, the end of 2008!

Artisans of the Valley re-established in 2001 under Eric's management, began to gain momentum. The ever expanding website, extended business to business relationships, feature articles and publicity, all played a roll with a consistent referral system. Artisans engulfed most of Eric's time so the panel sat, receiving moments of attention as the business leash allowed, none really.

Eric's profile "Master of the Shop" in Princeton Magazine, by Erin Murphy, October of 2007, featured the panel as a work in progress, in doing so it gave a bit of an incentive to get things in gear. Intertwined with a series of gothic commissions, ongoing restorations, and other projects, Eric finally hit a point where the determination to complete this work of art exceeded time limitations. (A "round-to-it" was issued!)

The fine detail is burned for clean lines, delicate grass, fur and texture, and for shadows. The scene is tinted with acrylic water colors, providing a natural spectrum of tones and shades. The frame is solid walnut, featuring a rope carving and natural tung oil finish. The rifle is mounted on two wood pegs, and will be secured with metal straps. The panoramic scene for this project was derived from several designs created by renowned wildlife and pattern artist Lora S. Irish. We should note that many of Artisans carving projects are based on Lora's ability to draw!

So as it stands, the fourth quarter of 2008 is upon us. The Shiloh rifle is now proudly displayed in this deep relief basswood scene, "Shiloh Prairie." This piece is only the second formally titled panel, the first "Whitetail Sunrize" remains in the private collection of outdoorsman and musician Ted Nugent. The title of this work originates from the Shiloh rifle, spanning the prairie scene.
So what will the future of Eric's wildlife carvings bring? We intend to title more pieces, and we plan to make sure they gain notoriety in the worldwide art market! Keep checking back on our website and our newsletters for updates on our progress.
This feature portfolio provides a variety of images profiling the process of creating a piece of this nature. Artisans can provide custom design and carving services to create original carvings as stand alone artwork, ornamentation for furniture & architecture, or for use as plaques, displays, or awards.

Dimensions: custom dimensions by commission

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