Ship Model With Display Case And Marquetry Map

This is a model of the British warship HMS Sovereign of the Seas. The ship itself is 49" long, the case is 66" long, 57" tall and 28" deep. I made this in my spare time over nine years.

The ship model is bristling with detail and has more than 600 gold leafed ornaments and about 100 miniature sailors.

The map in the background is made entirely out of wood. It features the United Kingdom in the year 1637, the year the ship was launched. It features two famous mapmakers, the goddess Britannia, a sea serpent, two sailors "painting" the map and much more.

The display case in this context is a museum housing the ship. The little building on the left has British coinage from the 1630's with portraits of King Charles I. It is "planked" with hundreds of miniature bricks.

The roof is made from Peruvian Walnut in the Hammer-Beam Gothic style, popular at the time. It is supported by four columns "bricked" with Mahogany and Basswood. The colonnaded walkway is planked with Teak strips above and inside. If you look closely you can see mirrors inside reflecting the ships hull. It is illuminated with strips of LED lights.

All in all this is quite an attention-getter. It will never be duplicated.

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