Silver Gray Black Fedora, Stephen Fry's Hat (Custom Made)

I made this hat for Stephen Fry (you know: Jeeves, Oscar Wilde, the voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks, the Oprah of the twitter world). It was a project that intimidated me for a long time. Imagine: my own work was to actually sit on HIS head, and he left all of the details up to me. Wow.

After some length of time, I came up with this. Sort of a basic fedora, but made with a silvery grey beaver felt that was painstakingly combed smooth. The edge is bound by a wire and matching grey grosgrain to contain the fuzziness and to give the hat more strength. After all, the man is really quite all over the place, he needs a hat to be up to the challenge. The band is simple black grosgrain, and the hat is lined with sky blue thai silk.

He loves it.

I offer to you, dear reader, his hat, made for you. Send me your hat size, and you too may walk about wearing Stephen Fry's Fully Endorsed Chapeau. Read his twitterings about cricket, Alan Turing, filming various projects and laugh an educated English laugh because you are walking a mile in not his shoes, but in his hat.

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