Single Dog Crate W/ Storage Drawer And Swing Door | Single Dog Kennel Furniture

Single Dog Crate w/ Storage Drawer and Swing Door is is a comfortable and modern house for your pet. You can store food, bowls, leash and other supplies for your dog in a convenient cupboard. This stylish dog crate will become a unique part of your home interior.

Our super cool custom Handcrafted Dog Crates and Kennels are designed to be beautiful pieces of furniture. Handcrafted from solid wood and rebar, our iconic rustic dog dens turn your pets' crate into a stylish addition to your home. Each den features premium stylized locks and matching hardware.

*Shown here Single Dog Crate Grey with Drawers and Swing Door - 48" XX-Large
Overall Dimensions: 48,5"L x 30,5"W x 48"H
Indoor Dimensions: 48"Lx30"Wx47"H
Body Color: Rustic Teal Blue / Top Color: Clear Coat

*Indicated price for Shown here 48,5"L x 30,5"W x 48"H

To determine what size of crate your pet will need, refer to the standard CRATE SIZING CHART.

Single Crate Sizes:
18" X-Small: 18"Lx12"Wx14"H (Fits one dog up to 10 lbs)
24" Small: 24"Lx18"Wx20"H (Fits one dog 11-25 lbs)
30" Medium: 30"Lx20"Wx21"H (Fits one dog 26-40 lbs)
36" Large: 36"Lx24"Wx25"H (Fits one dog 41-70 lbs)
42" X-Large: 42"Lx28"Wx30"H (Fits one dog 71-90 lbs)
48" XX-Large: 48"Lx30"Wx33"H (Fits one dog 91-110 lbs)
54" XXX-Large: 54"Lx36"Wx38"H (Fits one dog 111+ lbs)

Total overall dimensions CUSTOM SIZE, overall dimensions of the dog cage will be as follows, depending on the availability of drawers, boxes, etc., as well as your desire.
Barn Door (Add 2"W to outer dimension)
Storage Drawers/Shelf (Add about 7"H to outer dimension)

Choose to have your kennel stained or painted (All colors of MINMAX stain are available or you may select any colors of BEHR pain).

Need a custom SIZE and COLOR? We can do that as well.
We offer a wide variety of customization options at no extra charge to you! Some options include, half wall/half bar dividers, full wall dividers, no divider, solid doors, doors with bars and etc.

Our process is simple:

#1 - Message us with your zip code to where the kennel will be shipping along with what size and color kennel you're looking to purchase.
#2 - Receive and confirm your custom shipping quote & method
#3 - Purchase your kennel on our shop. When checking out, use the "Send message to seller feature" and leave us a phone number so that we can contact you.
#4 - Once we approach your build, we will contact you to narrow down details for your kennel such as: Finish, wall/divider/door options and etc.
#5 - We'll begin building your kennel and are more than happy to send pictures while doing so.
#6 - When your kennel is crated and ready for shipping, we'll send you a custom listing for your shipping charge (for crates above 54" length)
For crates up to 54" length shipping is free
#7 - Once the shipping payment has been made, we will ship your kennel! ?

Our client waitlist is currently 3-4 weeks for completion from the time you place your order. Once your order leaves our shop the average turn around time is 5-10 days for delivery.

Please contact me for custom quotes

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