"Siqueiros Sentimental Friendship" / 18 X 29 Inches / Acrylic On Paper Mounted On Art Board

David Alfaro Siqueiros
As a muralist and an artist, Siqueiros believed art should be public, educational, and ideological. He painted mostly murals and other portraits of the revolution – its goals, its past, and the current oppression of the working classes. Because he was painting a story of human struggle to overcome authoritarian, capitalist rule, he painted the everyday people ideally involved in this struggle. Though his pieces sometimes include landscapes or figures of Mexican history and mythology, these elements often appear as mere accessories to the story of a revolutionary hero or heroes (several works depict the revolutionary "masses", such as the mural at Chapultepec).

"Sentimental Friendship", 18 x 29 inches, 1959, Acrylic on Paper Mounted on Art Board

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