Sith Acolyte Robe Costume In Several Sizes

Sith Acolyte robe
The stats for this robe were downloaded off the 501st web site for accuracy. Red hem stripe = 3 inches, middle black stripe = 2 inches and the upper red stripe = 1 inch according to the stats.
The hood has no seams in the center front and is doubled which means lined with the same fabric for that clean finished look. Is attached to the robe from the center front below the neckline several inches and is pleated along the seam all the way to the center back.
The sleeves come below the elbow as seen in the pictures, however for some of these details after purchase I will ask for few measurements such as the sleeve length, your height, weight and shoulder size - measured from shoulder to shoulder.
This robe seams to go over the armor, so please keep this in mind when ordering the costume part. The armor has bulk to it when on a body. Which means you will need few extra inches to accommodate the armor.
Material: wool blend = black and wool crepe = red stripes
Style: A-line
Hood: 22 inches down your back, is deep to accommodate the hood fabric resting on your shoulders as seen in the pictures when on your head. However, the length of the hood also depends on your height. If you are shorter/petite, I will accommodate the length of the hood for the height of your body so that it is correctly proportioned.
This hood size is best suited for folks who are 5'9" and taller, for shorter sizes I will alter the hood pattern for the proper fit.
Explanation: (for example if you are 5 feet tall you cannot have a 22 inch hood because the hood will come down below your waistline so in that case the hood must be smaller/shorter,adjusted to your height for proper fit otherwise it will be too big.)

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