"Sleepy Cockatiel" Watercolor Painting

This sleepy little guy is actually my pet cockatiel. He was my guinea pig for the new medium I've been painting on recently, called YUPO. It's a fully synthetic plastic, instead of cold press paper.

He's the first in a new series of paintings I've been doing of Instagram Pet birds, using pictures from instagram as reference for my paintings. (I've gotten express permission to paint from everyone that I've done, however, I have all rights and permissions for the paintings).

This new series of paintings are kept small, and are usually square in nature to reflect the pictures they are inspired by. However, I try to really focus all the detail and nuance on the model itself, and the pictures are only referenced for the pet's details, otherwise the composition and coloring are uniquely mine.

This painting is not for sale since I have such a connection to it, him being my bird. But I would be more than happy to do custom portraits. So far my only models have been birds or flowers, since I'm still fairly new to the painting realm.

I self taught myself, with no prior knowledge or experience, watercolor painting almost 3 years ago, and I've been working on it ever since.

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