Slender Small Green Cup 10 Ounce Yunomi

This beautiful cup features an all new pattern of lines. As they tesselate around the pot, they suggest overlapping leaves. Suitable for drinking wine, tea, juice, or cocktails. The shape fits wonderfully in the hand. The lip is rounded and a pleasure to drink from. Glazed in a two tone green color scheme, the surface is high gloss for a stunning physical quality and hand feel.

This piece was hand thrown and trimmed on a potter's wheel. It was then cut into many pieces, the edges smoothed with a sponge, then reassembled to yield the lines seen on the inside and out. Made from midrange porcelain, it features bright vibrant colors, high durability, and a reduced environmental impact. It is dishwasher safe, food safe, lead free, microwave safe, durable, and sanitary.

The foot of this cup has been polished to a glass-like finish, so that it will not mar surfaces. It will slide across a table.

This cup holds 10 Ounces.

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