Slow Dive

48 x 72" acrylic on canvas

"Slow Dive" is perhaps the closest I've come to what you might call a natural landscape painting in several years. It is a serene summers day, with the sun shining in the upper right corner, a babbling brook running through the center, flowers blooming on the banks, and rainclouds pushing in at the edges. A series of bridges allow passage from one bank to the other.

This painting is painted on a museum grade 1.5" deep stretched canvas. My painting process involves moving the canvas from the easel to the floor, allowing the paint to both drip and pool. I utilize my own specialized techniques to control how long the paint stays wet and allow it some degree of freedom in how it moves around the canvas, sometimes intervening with its flow by pushing it around with a pallet knife or scraping it off selectively to bring out the pigments underneath.

"Slow Dive" was the second place winner in the Visions and Viewpoints national juried exhibition at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO in November 2012.

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