Small Manzanita Burl Bowl With Gold Inclusions

Manzanita is a very unique substance.

When you start a chunk of manzanita is full of dirt, grime, weird bark, rock, and other junk included in the mix. It's also known to explode and come to pieces at any random moment during the turning process given the entirely random and unstable growth patterns. Of course this is what makes it so cool in the end! The final product polishes like stone.

Our process stabilizes the cracks and checks in the material and joins the separate random sections. This process also allows us to incorporate inclusions - in this example gold mica powder. This is solid wood with a unique method of stabilization that allows color, texture, and patterns to be included into the voids natural to manzanita. The cap is ebony for an additional color balance point.

Any combination of colors, inclusions such as crushed stone, pearl, or metallic flakes can be combined for an original appearance. Stay tuned – this is the first of many projects of this nature that are coming this year!

The stabilization process allows us to successfully turn what would otherwise be a nightmare to work with. It also creates an opportunity to impart an assortment of colors and other textures.

If you're looking for a very unique gift in wood - this is a material to consider! Shown is a very small bowl, sizes vary up to 12-15" for larger turnings. Please contact us for pricing and available inventory!

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