Soft Ecru Off White Cotton Crochet Rug In Large 41" Circle Pattern

Soft Ecru Cotton Crochet Rug in Large Circle Flower Pattern. It is beautiful vintage pattern, just perfect to dress up the floor in a decent sized area. Color is called Soft a creamy white. Soft and sturdy as it was made using 2 strands of cotton yarn held together. This design actually uses more yarn/takes more time than my 42" doily rug because after each round is completed there is a round of topstitching done on the surface of the rug (see last picture). Being made from cotton means it's also washable! I would recommend hand washing except this baby is pretty heavy when wet so machine wash cold by itself on delicate and then lay flat to dry when needed to ensure a long life for your rug.

100% Cotton Yarn
41" from side to side at widest points
a little under 1/2" thick

For safety the rug will be sprayed with a washable, non skid rubber spray. It is transparent so you will only be able to tell the difference by touch. If you would prefer your rug not to be sprayed for some reason just let me know.

Dimensions: 41" diameter

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