Solid Cherry Reclaimed Beam Farm/ Barn Style Table

This farm table boast a solid 3" thick Cherry top constructed of 100% reclaimed Cherry heartwood beams.

This material is truly unique.

Each of these large solid Cherry Beams comes together to create a beautiful finished product that includes all of most beautiful features of reclaimed material.

Saw marks can be left more prominent for a more rustic look or sanded smooth.

Pictured table includes hand scraped surfaces with roughly 20% of the surfaces showing saw marks. . All Hand Scraping done 100% by me.. By hand. :)

Adding both to the form, and the function, this table also includes Iron Turnbuckle Leg brace.

As with all Hawk Eye Handcrafted items, this table can be made to your specifications.

Do not hesitate to send a custom request for you price today.

Price represents pictured table @ 96"X 42"X 3" with an overall height of 30", Hand Scraped surface, and Natural Satin Finish

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