Solid Rosewood Live Edge Dining Table -Rosewood Table - Dalbergia Sissoo

We believe every slab is a natural work of art and should be preserved in the most amazing way possible. A live edge is the unhindered natural edge/shape of a horizontal slab cut from a tree trunk and it is in this raw shape where we find the true beauty of nature. When working with raw slabs we give careful attention to the live edge portion of the slab in order to preserve its natural curvature and aesthetic.

We are excited to offer single slab Rosewood Live Edge Tables. Rosewood is an exotic species and is very hard to find in live edge form. The deep rich brown tones of Rosewood are unmatched by any other species including Black Walnut.

We have several Rosewood Live Edge slabs to choose from. The pictures of available slabs are initially provided and once the right slab has been chosen we provide table leg options as well as shipping quotes. All of our bases are fabricated in house and we offer a variety of designs to choose from. Each table comes standard with U shaped legs in raw steel or flat black finish. Local pick up in Chicago is also available.

We only use trusted and food grade finishes that ensure the surface will remain safe and protected for years to come. We apply 5-7 coats on every piece we build to ensure the durability and longevity of the finish. Our finishes are primarily Matt, but we also offer semi-gloss and full gloss.

With solid hardwoods like Rosewood, Black Walnut, Maple etc a good drying technique is required and this is why we allow our slabs to air dry for at least 2.5 years (30 months). After this they are put into a kiln for an additional 1-2 years before they are ready to be used. If the slabs are taken out before they are completely dried they will end up moving. We adhere to these strict standards in order to ensure that no movement of wood occurs and the quality of our craftsmanship is maintained.

Message us for your one of a kind Live Edge Rosewood Dining Table today.

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