Solid Walnut Wood Screw Bar Stool

This listing is for a handmade bar stool similar to the one shown in the pictures. All of the joinery is hand cut and hand fit by carefully chiseling to size, and there are zero metal fasteners used. It is 100% wood, and a little bit of wood glue to hold it together. I hand shaped the wood using antique spokeshaves to give the naturally flowing organic appearance.

The height of the seat can vary from 23 to 30 inches by rotating the seat which in turn rotates the big wood screw. The stool can easily hold several hundred pounds - it doesn't make a creak or groan at all when I sit on it, and I weigh nearly 200 pounds. The pictures are taken both in the sun and in the shade to show the appearance in a variety of lighting environments.

The wood screw was made by hand turning a 2 inch wide cylinder on the lathe then using an antique wood threading tool to cut the outer threads. The matching antique tap was used to make the inner threads that it screws into. The wood threads are stabilized with super glue to ensure that last through many years of use. The seat was hand turned on the lathe to be precisely circular in shape, and it is permanently attached to the wood screw with a wedged mortise and tenon joint. The stool is finished with hand rubbed Danish oil.

The joined triangles are overlapped in such a way as to be evocative of a Celtic knot or a Penrose triangle. Because of the wood puzzle nature of the joinery it was very solid when I did a dry fit of the pieces without glue, and it is made even stronger by using Gorilla brand wood glue. The gluing was very tricky though, I had to rapidly put it together in a very particular order because it actually is like a wood puzzle!

As shown it is made from black walnut that came from a sawmill in Missouri that specializes in making lumber from discarded street trees. The trees are removed due to construction or storm damage and instead of mulching the wood like usual, they make beautiful lumber out of it! If you would like to have one or more of these stools made, I have a wide variety of sustainably sourced domestic hardwoods available, some from that sawmill and some that I personally milled up, and would be happy to discuss with you possibilities. I would even be willing to use your own wood for an extra personalized piece of furniture!

I would be happy to deliver the stool/stools for free within 75 miles of Lexington, Oklahoma. Beyond that distance, I would charge 1.00 per mile. Local pickup is free, and I'd also be happy to get a quote from UPS or Fedex for you.

I would be happy to customize the stool to order. Customization options would be to use a different species of wood or a combination of woods, as well as the height of the seat and the sizing of the legs. If you would like to order one or more of these stools, please contact me and I'd be happy to generate a quote for you. Because it is entirely hand made by me, please note that I would need up to 4-6 weeks lead time.

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