Soy Candle, Citrus Infusion, 12 Ounce, Yellow, Daisy Cut Lid, Mango Tangerine, Orange

A bright and sunny candle that will bring a fresh splash of citrus to your home. Ideal for the kitchen!

This candle has a very excellent scent throw. As with most of my candles I would classify it as a medium intensity. Noticeable but not overpowering in the room.

A base of fresh squeezed orange juice with an added layer of Mango Tangerine. This is a new, updated version of the Citrus Infusion scent. So far all who have sniffed it LOVED it.

All 12 ounce candles are made with hemp wicks and are beautifully and easily maintained by simply trimming the wick before lighting each time.

Your container is easily cleaned for reuse with hot soapy water when it finally finishes burning. Soy is notorious for its long burn time. If you haven't tried soy candles yet...this could be the time.

They are cleaner, longer lasting, support our farmers and once you have burned a good one you will be hooked!

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