Soy Candle, Fireplace Scented, White, Red Tin Mug, Wood Wick, Wood Smoke, 7 Ounces

By special request I have developed this fireplace candle. It is a special blend designed to remind you of applewood smoke. Discerning noses will pick up just the slightest apple scent in this otherwise cold winter's day scent.

This listing is for one mug candle.

Each candle has a wood wick which crackles and pops to add to your enjoyment. Helpful hints for wood wicks. They can be tricky to get to stay lit initially. My best advice is to hold the lighter or match flame on it continuously for a few seconds to really make sure it is burning well. It may be necessary to trim off the initial ash created and to relight if it goes out on you. Once this wick is successfully burning it performs very well. Trim it before lighting if it needs it.

Soy wax burns longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin waxes.

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